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Information Extraction

What we call Information Extraction is also referred to as Data Collection or Text Mining. In a looser application of definitions, the terms: Screen Scraping, Spidering, Crawling are sometimes used.

Is your company . . .
- Trying to create Databases or spreadsheets of data?
- Desirous to benefit from a one-time or a regular flow of a large quantity of public-website data?

Are you a good candidate for an AIS solution?
- You found a website(s) with lots of data (hundreds, thousands, millions of items) you seek.
- Manual copy and paste of data from the website(s) sounds painful and slow.

AIS delivered Customer Information Extraction solutions include: Competitive/Market Intelligence, Public record Government and Regulatory data collection, Professions contact information for: Attorneys, Doctors, Contractors and many more...And all sorts of data such as New Home Owner, Assessor/Recorder information, golf courses, hospitals, libraries, diamonds, electronic components, sporting goods equipment, etc.

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Generally used as Synonyms:

- Text Mining

- Data Collection

- Crawling

- Screen Scrape